Confessions of a wandering mind – the slideshow

Here are the slides for my presentation today to Leeds Psychogeography Group (thanks Tina Richardson / @concretepost for inviting me). There’s an essay that I need to finish writing that develops the outline presented here. I will add it when done.

In the meantime, here’s what I promised for the talk in my promo blurb:

“Wandering the streets what do you see? Can the worlds of art and everyday professional aesthetics be combined? Why does it feel transgressive to even try?”

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About lukebennett13
Reader & Course Leader, BSc Hons Real Estate, Sheffield Hallam University, UK. I TEACH: built environment law to construction, surveying, real estate and environmental management students. I RESEARCH: metal theft; urban exploration & recreational trespass; occupiers' perceptions of liability for their premises. I THINK: about the links between ideas, materialities and practices in the built environment. I WAS: an environmental lawyer working in commercial practice for 17 years before I joined academia in 2007. I EXPLAIN: the aims of my blogsite site here: LINKS: Twitter: @lukebennett13; Archive: EPITAPH: “He lived at a little distance from his body, regarding his own acts with doubtful side-glances.” James Joyce, Dubliners

One Response to Confessions of a wandering mind – the slideshow

  1. Leigh Wright says:

    This seems like a great presentation – I’m looking forward to the accompanying essay!

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