A Journey to the Past – a fascinating account of discovering the art of stone circles by Gordon Kingston

If you find my posts a little dense at times, but still stick with it, then I’d like to recommend a fascinating account written by Gordon Kingston on his Heritage Action blogsite.

In the post Gordon gives a very rich account of the intellectual journey that led him to his deep enthusiasm for ancient sites. Gordon’s journey was evidently a ‘high art’ one, and draws on extensive rumination on the role of the arts and art theory in awakening his appreciation for ancient stones. But for me what comes across most powerfully is the sincerity and depth of his appreciation for the places that are special to him.

The account is a great example of how – for some – the reasons for the apparently phenomenological pull of a place can be put into words and linked to wider biographical and cultural influences.

His post is at: http://heritageaction.wordpress.com/a-journey-to-the-past/




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