1. Commonplace; unromantic.
  2. Having the style or diction of prose; lacking poetic beauty

Sometimes a word sounds the opposite of what it means. To me ‘prosaic’ sounds exotic – yet a dictionary will tell you that it means quite the opposite. This blogsite is intended as a place for my musings on the spectacular within the mundane, with a particular focus upon the built environment. To many, there may be nothing more prosaic than a building, but to others it is ‘home’, a complex bundle of memories, emotions and routines of living and comfort. It’s all a question of knowledge and perspective.

I teach law to construction, surveying, real estate and environmental management students at Sheffield Hallam University, in the north of England. Much of what I teach is applied, pragmatic knowledge – knowledge focussed towards concrete outcomes and intentions. But occasionally the esoteric bubbles up from the depths. Those moments have to be put somewhere. So, that somewhere will be here.

In these blogs I will explore themes that may, in time, grow into formal academic projects, published papers and so forth. Others will be an end in themselves.

If anything strikes a cord, please let me know. If anything jars, please accept my apologies.

Luke Bennett


About lukebennett13
Reader & Course Leader, BSc Hons Real Estate, Sheffield Hallam University, UK. I TEACH: built environment law to construction, surveying, real estate and environmental management students. I RESEARCH: metal theft; urban exploration & recreational trespass; occupiers' perceptions of liability for their premises. I THINK: about the links between ideas, materialities and practices in the built environment. I WAS: an environmental lawyer working in commercial practice for 17 years before I joined academia in 2007. I EXPLAIN: the aims of my blogsite site here: LINKS: Twitter: @lukebennett13; Archive: EPITAPH: “He lived at a little distance from his body, regarding his own acts with doubtful side-glances.” James Joyce, Dubliners

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